A Domestic Violence Lawyer in Temecula Can Help a Spouse Leave an Abusive Relationship Behind

Marriages end for a number of different reasons. Many times, couples simply grow apart and choose to live separate lives. Other times, the marriage turns violent and one spouse or the other fears for their life. Whether the violence just started or if it’s taken years for a spouse to gather the courage to leave, personal safety is critical. As many as 75 percent of domestic violence murders occur when the victim attempts to leave or after they have left their abusive spouse.

Create a Plan

The first step to ensuring a safe exit from an abusive relationship is to create a safety plan. It’s important for spouses planning to leave abusive relationships to have enough money to support themselves for a few months. They may not be able to access joint bank accounts, so it’s vital to have cash on hand to cover expenses. Although staying with a family member might be easiest, it may also be the place the abuser is likely to look first. Spouses who feel like they might be putting their lives at risk if they leave should consult a trusted domestic violence lawyer in Temecula prior to escaping.

Get a Restraining Order

A domestic violence restraining order may deter an abusive spouse from harassing or even contacting their former partner. If they violate the order, they could be charged and arrested. It’s important to have a domestic violence lawyer in Temecula help draft the request for a restraining order to ensure it is complete and that the judge understands why they need it. Once the restraining order is in place, a domestic violence victim may feel safe enough to file for divorce. Spouses who are in this kind of frightening situation can visit michellepennaattorney.com to learn more about how an attorney could help.

Divorcing a violent spouse may not be easy but it’s important to sever all ties. Getting divorced means the relationship is over and that the couple has no financial connection to each other. Couples that have children may have to share custody of their minor children, but the Law Office of Michelle Penna may be able to help arrange for supervised visits or for the transfer to be done through a third party.

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