A Domestic Violence Attorney in Murrieta Can Make Getting Justice Possible

Men and women who are charged with domestic violence should never take the risk of appearing in court without a domestic violence attorney in Murrieta. Decades ago, domestic violence wasn’t seen as a serious problem by many. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffered through domestic abuse without any help from law enforcement or the courts. All that has changed. The laws regarding domestic violence are now very serious. A person can end up behind bars for a considerable amount of time if they are convicted of serious domestic violence charges.

Avoiding time behind bars isn’t the only reason why folks charged with domestic incidents need to hire a domestic violence attorney in Murrieta. There are a lot more things that can be at stake besides freedom. Employment opportunities can dry up for a person who has a domestic violence conviction on their record. If they have an employer with a strict code of conduct, they might even be fired for being convicted. Parents in custody battles can have a conviction used against them. A conviction might be used to change a previous ruling by the family court. That’s why people who are defendants in these cases need to contact the law office of Michelle Penna or another lawyer to get help.

There are some general rules that defendants in domestic violence cases need to follow if they want any chance of things turning out in their favor. First, court orders are not suggestions. Violating them can have bad consequences for defendants. When a court issues a no-contact order, it means that absolutely no contact should be made. If the alleged victim tries to make contact, the defendant should report the attempt to their attorney. Second, defendants should listen to what their lawyers have to say. Last but not least, the case shouldn’t be tried in public; it needs to be settled the right way.

Defendants who need help can visit website or the website of another lawyer to get the ball rolling. As soon as a person knows they will be facing these very serious charges, they should try to contact some lawyers to get prices and opinions on their cases.

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