A Community-Driven Focus on Wastewater in Oklahoma Would Have a Lasting Impact

Small communities can feel burdened by waste. Some small communities literally can’t afford to deal with it. There may not be a strong demand or need for waste recycling due to a low population. The community is left to their own devices, burning trash because there is no pick-up or pouring oil in the fields because there is no legitimate way to dispose of it that is readily accessible.

These small actions contribute to the community in a bad way. It sets a precedent-;one that may need to be reversed in the future. The problems seem most apparent in mid-size communities. These are communities that have developed waste recycling methods, but a large portion of the community has not adopted them or is unaware of them. Larger communities may already have extensive systems in place on a wide scale. This includes urban regions.

Oil recycling is a significant opportunity in these communities. Firstly, it addresses financial concerns at a community level. The oil repurposed and recycled is bought by small agencies. These agencies (auto shops, HVAC companies, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts) will purchase the recycled oil at a discount rate. The oil is then funneled back into the community for necessary uses including sewage treatment, heating and cooling, manufacturing, etc. Financially, the use of Wastewater in Oklahoma is actually viable.

Oil recycling may also reflect well at the government level. Companies that are responsible disposing of their oil may receive local government perks, including assistance and support. Programs exist to encourage responsible action. The programs exist solely to support community awareness and responsibility in keeping the community healthy.

Oklahoma consists of a lot of very small and somewhat remote towns or suburbs. These regions would (and are) benefiting from an extensive system of oil recycling. It is benefiting the community due to the proper re-allocation of used items, and it is benefiting governments that are promoting environmentally-friendly alternatives. Wastewater in Oklahoma is disposed of through a system that benefits multiple groups through the process.

Community leaders can visit the website for more information on oil recycling. ORI Environmental has other recycling services, including consulting, safety training, tank cleaning, excavation, and more.

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