A Closer Look At Dark Marble Countertops For Minneapolis Kitchens And Bathrooms

When many people think of marble, particularly for countertops, they automatically think of the classic Carrara White. This is a very beautiful marble that is white to slight and very light blue or gray in background color, and noticeable marbling or veining through the slab that is slightly darker. It is popular for many new homes and in kitchen and bathroom renovations throughout Minneapolis.

Another popular option in a lighter color of marble for a countertop is the Crema Marfil marble. This is a pale white with slight undertones of beige or even a very subtle and light gold color. The veins in the marble are very slight and can range from yellow through to more of a gold to beige color. There may be lighter areas in the marble as well.

Dark Marble

While lighter marble countertops are stunning in any Minneapolis kitchen, there are dark marble options that are equally as amazing. These darker colors are often best in larger or lighter kitchens or used with light and neutral or bright colors for the cabinets and backsplash area.

The dark marble is very earthy in its color and patterns. It has almost a rustic look, but it pairs very nicely with white, black or even stainless steel in a kitchen. In a bathroom, the dark marble countertops are a perfect match for a spa-type design, with the warm, natural tones blending in with wood, other types of natural stone and with many types of fixtures and features.

As with any type of marble countertops, the dark marble is durable and lasts a lifetime. With sealing every few years as needed, it is easy to maintain and resistant to spills, etching, staining, and even surface damage. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean and keep the marble looking polished and beautiful.

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