A Chiropractor In Renton WA Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life

If you suffer from pain, limited mobility, numbness or tingling in your hands or feet, a Chiropractor in Renton WA can improve your condition and your life. Pain can limit an individual’s ability to enjoy life to the fullest. When an individual suffers from pain in their body, it usually stems from somewhere in the spine or neck.

A chiropractor can perform a thorough examination that will include a patient’s strength, flexibility, range of motion, reflexes, and so much more. A chiropractor might require a patient to have x-rays performed on their neck and spine. An examination will help a chiropractor determine where a patient’s pain and discomfort are coming from and design a plan that will be tailored to the patient’s needs.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another service a chiropractor offer. This type of therapy is relaxing, but will also improve circulation throughout the body and restore blood flow to damaged muscles in the body. A chiropractor will combine massage therapy with chiropractic treatments to ensure the best care possible.

When an injury to a muscle has happened, a massage therapist can improve blood flow to the area and speed up healing time. Massage will release toxins that are stuck in a damaged muscle that prevents it from healing. When a massage therapist releases the tightness in the muscles, the chiropractor will be able to perform an adjustment to align the spine into place.

Manual Adjustments

When a chiropractor develops a plan for a patient, it will include exercises and manual adjustments. Manual adjustments will not hurt a patient and can align the vertebrae to take pressure off bulging discs and irritated nerve endings. A patient will feel almost immediate relief after a Chiropractor in Renton WA performs a manual adjustment.

A chiropractor can help a patient with decompression. Decompression gently separates the vertebrae and take pressure off the discs. In certain situations, a bulging disc can be put back into the correct position between the vertebrae.

There are many techniques a chiropractor can use to alleviate pain, improve strength, and improve an individual’s range of motion. A chiropractor is concerned about a patient’s overall health and not just a specific area.

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