A Business Specializing in Garage Floor Coating in Boston, MA

If you’re looking for an affordable way to make your dull and drab garage look more pleasing, you might want to consider a granite garage floor coating. A number of companies now specialize in preparing existing concrete garage floors and then applying, through a special process, a sealed floor that has the look and durability of genuine granite.

The Benefits of a Granite Garage Floor

You might think that the visual appeal of a granite finish is only for the kitchen or bathroom. But have you ever considered that the visual appeal and toughness of a granite floor might actually be of great benefit in other areas of the home, like the garage? Here’s why you should seriously consider getting a granite garage floor coating from specialists:

  • Durability: Granite is very tough, which is why so many people love it in their kitchens. But some companies, including those that offer a premium garage floor coating in Boston, MA, use an approach that includes the use of an industrial-grade epoxy and sealant to contain the attractive polymer chips. When completely finished and sealed, the surface is long-lasting and as tough as genuine granite.

  • Affordability: The use of polymer chips to emulate a granite look, or other rock finish, makes it a cost-effective option for homeowners that desire the durability of real granite without the costs.
    Resistance: Granite floor coatings that have been professionally installed and sealed are not only tough, but they are also resistant to chemical spills, stains, oils and other liquids. This makes them an ideal flooring solution for any garage!

  • Maintenance: In addition to the resistance and durability of the sealed surface, the granite look floor is also very easy to keep clean and maintain. A simple mopping with a pH neutral cleaner will take care of any surface spills. You can even use a mop on a weekly basis to keep the floor looking sparkling and new.

Adding Value and Functionality to Your Home

For many homeowners, the garage is the focal point of the weekend or after-hours tinkering. By having a tough polymer granite floor installed, you not only gain the benefits of a tough and highly resistant surface, but you also add visual appeal and value to your home.

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