A Brokerage Focusing on Dental Offices For Sale in San Francisco Bay Area Helps Both Sellers and Buyers

With baby boomers in their senior citizen years or coming into their 60s, many occupations are experiencing a transition as large numbers of people retire and younger workers are needed to take their place. A brokerage focusing on dental practice sales is advantageous for older dentists who are ready to start taking it easy. It’s also helpful for young dentists who graduated relatively recently, have worked under an experienced practitioner for a few years, and are now ready to start their own clinic. Dental offices for sale in San Francisco Bay Area are commonly listed by a brokerage, helping established dentists sell their practices, and new dentists find a suitable one to buy.

Buying an existing clinic has significant positive aspects compared with trying to start a practice from the ground up. The new independent practitioner essentially is buying a client base as well as a building or office space and equipment. Not all the patients will stay with the new dentist, but a large percentage are likely to. In addition, when buying one of the dental offices for sale in San Francisco Bay Area, the new owner will probably be able to keep most of the staff members on board, at least for a while. Patients who are accustomed to seeing the same dental hygienists when they come in for routine cleaning or other services will be happy knowing those workers will still be there.

Dentists who are considering retirement in the near future can have their practice evaluated by a brokerage such as Western Practice Sales and get a solid idea of what the business is worth. The brokerage team creates a compelling listing that attracts attention from dental professionals in the market to buy. In some cases, the practice will be appealing not only to relatively recent graduates, but to established dentists who want to move to a different area. This type of deal offers them the chance to hit the ground running when they move to their new home. The clinic schedule will already have numerous appointments that have been made ahead of time; this is especially true of clients who are dedicated to their six-month teeth cleanings and checkups.

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