A Brief Introduction to Several Concrete Restoration Systems In Honolulu, HI

Old or structurally damaged concrete isn’t just unsightly; it can also pose serious safety hazards. Restoring concrete structures and ensuring that they are structurally sound is no simple matter, though.

That’s why all remedial work performed on concrete should follow the guidelines laid out by the ICRI, or International Concrete Repair Institute.

Industry standards are constantly changing as new products and technologies are developed and released, giving those industry experts who are able to keep up with recent cutting-edge trends and forge alliances with leading manufacturers a serious advantage over the competition. Those responsible for contracting out concrete repairs may want to take a few moments to familiarize themselves with current trends in Concrete Restoration Systems In Honolulu HI before contacting repair companies. Read on to find out more.

Galvanic Anodes

Galvanic anodes are used in concrete restoration and repairs for reinforcing steel support beams. The system uses sacrificial anodes to generate electrical currents that can mitigate corrosion of steel. This may sound complicated, but actually, these systems are quite simple and reliable as they require no power supply and no extensive wiring.

Corrosion-Proof FRP

Fiber-reinforced polymer composites, or FRP, are high-strength and lightweight composites composed of plastic polymer resin and reinforcing fibers. Carbon FRP offer a high structural strength-to-weight ratio and excellent resistance to corrosion, making them a popular choice for many restoration projects.

Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor Technology

MCI, or Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor, technologies were created specifically with concrete repair and restoration in mind. Given that corroding rebar is one of the primary causes of concrete failure, it should be clear that preventing future corrosion is a top priority. MCI technology works by using mixed inhibitors applied in the form of a topical treatment to proactively delay the onset of rebar corrosion.

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These are just a few of the most common Concrete Restoration Systems In Honolulu HI that industry-leading specialists have at their disposal. Often waterproofing of retaining walls, the application of high-strength repair mortars, and sampling of existing concrete for contamination can also be helpful. Visit Website for more information about one local company that uses cutting-edge technology to tailor its concrete repair solutions specifically to the project at hand. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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