A Brief History of PVC, the Material Used for Frames in Vinyl Windows in Reno NV

by | Dec 26, 2016 | Business

It’s hard to imagine a world without plastic and all its variations, including different types of vinyl. Yet plastic did not become available to consumers until around the turn of the 20th Century. Vinyl wasn’t used for window frames until German manufacturers began to develop frames of this material after World War II, when their other resources were scarce. Thus, Vinyl Windows in Reno NV are a relatively recent development.

Vinyl is technically known as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. It has numerous advantages for exterior building use. It’s resistant to weather and is not interesting to bugs or rodents. It doesn’t rot and won’t be chewed up termites. It doesn’t require painting or staining. Cleaning vinyl window frames is easy; they usually just need to be wiped down with a soft wet cloth occasionally.

In Europe after World War II, there was a shortage of wood, and the prices of suitable metals had skyrocketed. Germany vinyl window frames were an answer to these problems, but the initial products were bulky and not particularly attractive. In fact, it was a German inventor who first patented PVC, although that occurred in 1913. In the United States, these window products first became readily available in the 1960s. U.S. manufacturers made the frames sleeker and more stylish so they would appeal to consumers who would otherwise choose wood or aluminum.

Consumers didn’t fully embrace this new material for window frames until the 1980s. Manufacturers needed to keep improving vinyl for exterior building uses like windows, siding, railings and fences. Property owners appreciated the low-maintenance aspects of the material as well as its low cost, but they wanted it to look classier. Essentially, they wanted vinyl to look like wood or painted wood and not like plastic. Once manufacturers succeeded in this endeavor, Vinyl Windows in Reno NV became substantially more popular. Sales took off and vinyl eventually became the material of choice, representing more of the market share than that for wood or metal frames. More than half of the window frame sales take place in the vinyl category. The windows are available from suppliers like Capital Glass. Browse Site for more information.

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