A Brief Explanation Of Baton Rouge, LA, Concrete Slab Settlement

Concrete slab settlement is when the earth and soil beneath a slab of concrete can no longer hold it up, and the slab moves. For a home or business owner, this can create sagging concrete that is both unsightly and dangerous. The good news is that an experienced Grout Repair Service in Baton Rouge, LA, can help. Here is a brief explanation of why slabs settle.

Soil shrinkage

Moisture in soil can dry out for a number of reasons. This could be because of a drought, tree roots soaking up moisture or any number of other reasons. When the soil dries out, it shrinks, and can often no longer support the weight of concrete slabs above it, which settle.

Erosion and washout

Sometimes erosion caused by rain and water runoff can carve out the soil beneath a slab, causing it to settle. Plumbing leaks are also carve out soil. If erosion or washout is occurring, it’s likely to continue, and it’s time to turn to a professional grout repair service in Baton Rouge, LA.

Bad compaction

When a structure is built, one of the first tasks for builders is to spread out the soil the building will stand on so that it as a level grade and then compact it so that it can support weight. If any of this is done improperly, slabs settle. If you’ve got concrete slab settlement issues or need some type of grouting services, contact Superior Grouting Services.

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