A Basic Overview Of Residential Solar Energy Systems

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

In and around the Asheville, NC, area, homeowners are turning to energy from the sun to power their electrical needs. This is an environmentally friendly solution that saves the homeowner money while simultaneously increasing the value of their property. Understanding how solar power in Asheville, NC, produces electricity for the home and sends it back to the grid for future reductions in electric bills makes it easy to see why these systems are in such demand. Panels The technology behind today’s roof-mounted panels that capture the sun’s energy is much more efficient and effective than earlier options in panels. These panels are designed to convert the energy from the sun into DC energy. DC or direct current energy flows in one direction, and there is no change in amperage. Inverter The DC current from the panels flows or moves into an inverter. This inverter converts the DC current to AC, which is the current form that is used in your home. As power is used by appliances and devices in your home, the energy from the panels is used first. Battery Including a battery in your Asheville, NC, home solar energy system is typically recommended. The battery backup is there if the grid fails due to a power outage, at night, or if the weather is not conducive to generating power. Net-Metering Net-metering is available throughout North Carolina. It allows surplus to go back to the grid, giving the homeowner credit that can be used against the next energy bill. In this way, surplus energy adds to energy cost savings, potentially eliminating your energy bill based on your use.

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