A Barrier-Free Custom Shower Door in Indianapolis IN for a More Attractive and Functional Bathroom

A custom shower door in Indianapolis IN can be installed that eliminates the standard shower door track. These frameless doors are available in sliding horizontal models or versions with a door opening outward. They can be installed in a standalone shower or on a bathtub. Many people prefer these doors because they provide a sleeker look to the shower or the bathtub-shower combination. The doors tend to be less noticeable at first glance due to the lack of hardware. They can even make the room look bigger, especially when the residents use natural light and mirror placement effectively for the illusion of more space.

Other people need the functionality of frameless doors because of a certain level of disability. Some individuals with mobility issues can walk into a shower slowly and carefully, but may have difficulty stepping over a shower door track. The barrier also presents the risk of tripping for mobility-challenged persons. There are people who need to use a shower wheelchair, or roll to the shower in a wheelchair before moving to a bench inside the enclosure. A track on the floor is unsuitable for these persons.

A shower door on a track on top of the bathtub wall can also be inconvenient for people with mobility issues. Some individuals use the bathtub wall for balance as they carefully maneuver out of the fixture. The track gets in the way and prevents them from leaning their full weight on the tub wall. In fact, some tubs come with decking so a mobility-challenged person can sit there and swing his or her legs over into the bathtub, then move entirely into the tub.

Certain considerations must be taken into account when planning for a Custom Shower Door in Indianapolis IN. Homeowners may like the design of the pullout door, for example, but the bathroom may not have enough space for this to be convenient. If someone in the house has arthritic hands, the doors should be easily movable without needing to grip any handles. People making plans for new barrier-free shower doors may contact Dr. Shower Door to find out more about the various styles available.

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