7 Things Business Travelers Should Pay Attention to in Car Rental Service in New Jersey

Going off to one site after another is often a necessary evil in the life of a business traveler. Being on the road so much can reduce your overall productivity, especially when you rely on public transportation. Traffic, delays, and the difficulty of getting a cab to take you where you want to go can add a lot of stress to a workday that has yet to see you on location and on site at your company’s local headquarters. A good way to cut down on all that is to go for a rental car service. You simply make the call, and the company will drop off the car for you at the airport, waiting and ready for you to drive to wherever you need to go.

Here are some suggestions from Business Travel Life on what to keep your eyes out for, whether you’re just renting a car for a local drive or looking for airport car rental Service in New Jersey:

Rental Agreement

Read it thoroughly. It always helps to know what you’re getting into. Also, knowing what charges apply in specific situations will give you a handle on how much your rental budget needs to be.


Check with your insurance provider if they already offer this service or if you’re already covered. If you aren’t, then you can certainly take the insurance offer by the rental company but make sure you shop around first for better rates.


Check the condition of the car while the rental service representative is still there. If you pick up an unpleasant smell or find dirt and stains inside, politely request for another ride.

Spare Tire

Is there a spare tire handy? If not, ask for one.

If you’re using GPS, give it a try before you get started on the long drive ahead. You’ll want to make sure it works. If it doesn’t, make sure the company knows.

Easy-Access Information

Make sure you’ve got the contact number and information of the rental company handy. Keep it in your phone, bag, and in the car. That way, if something happens, you can get in touch with the company right away.

Note the Return Time

Some companies might be strict with their return times so don’t be late. You could incur an additional charge if you’re even 15 minutes behind.

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