6 Great Fundraising Ideas For Schools

It can be difficult to have a successful fundraiser in a school, particularly in areas where there are a lot of different schools, groups and organizations all running their own fundraisers.

With just a bit of creativity, however, your organizational team can find some great fundraising ideas that will make your fundraising different, unique and more engaging that other events that may be happening at the same time. Finding this way to set your fundraiser apart doesn’t have to involve a lot of work, but it does mean perhaps thinking outside of the box.

Choose a Unique Theme

A theme for a fundraiser opens up a lot of great fundraising ideas based on what you choose to offer. The more unique the fundraisers offerings are, the more your fundraiser will stand out.

It will be important to also consider the practical aspect of sales. Household items, fashion items and practical and necessary products are always going to sell better than expensive and impractical items.

Use Technology

Social media can be used to add to the list of great fundraising ideas. You can create a page just for the fundraiser and post information on specific products you are offering, on top sellers or even on how people in the community can place an order online.

Using technology can also include email blasts throughout the fundraiser to highlight the theme and the items that are hot sellers in your community.

Add a Raffle

Consider having a raffle in conjunction with the fundraiser. Everyone placing an order also gets their name in a draw that will be held one time or on a regular basis throughout the fundraiser.

In some cases, the fundraising company may be able to work with the organizing committee to provide products for the raffle that are a great way to get people talking.

Create A Special Event

Having an open house at the school or even a big school “garage sale” is always one of the great fundraising ideas that will compliment your door-to-door and online sales.

You can have a display table of some of the top selling items from the fundraiser program and take orders at the time. Kids or volunteers can man the table and everyone that participates can also have a chance to win a special prize.

Engage Local Business

Talking to the local businesses in your area and having a “mini-display” of the items for the fundraiser one afternoon or over a lunch break is a simple way to advertise. Providing information on how to order online and also having catalogs to hand out is going to add to your overall sales in a way other fundraisers may not have considered.

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