5 Ways to Make Your Courthouse Wedding Special

These days, being smart and practical about your wedding helps you and your future spouse get your marriage off to a great start. One way to make that happen is to go for a courthouse wedding. Getting married at city hall doesn’t have to mean boring and ho-hum, though. Here’s how to make your wedding ceremony special and unforgettable:

Pick the right one

Plenty of local governments use historical buildings so that should provide you with plenty of great options. Go for one that would provide you with plenty of opportunities for great photographs—high ceilings, long staircases and wonderful wood paneling are just a few of the features you’ll want to consider.

Do your research

Be prepared. Make sure you know the requirements when you apply for a marriage license. Some states have a waiting period, too. That means you’ll have to wait before you could get married so you can’t set the wedding date on the day you pick the license, says Brides.

Bring everything

Prepare everything you’ll need when you apply for the license. Do this beforehand instead of on the morning of the wedding so you won’t end up leaving a few essential things behind.

Get a photographer

Mark the occasion by hiring the services of a skilled photographer. Pros have an eye for capturing great shots and you’ll want to have those shots to remember your wedding by.

Wear a dress

Nothing gives you the feels more than seeing yourself in a wedding dress. It will also look sensational in the photos. With so many ways to make your courthouse wedding special, you and your groom will find it the ideal option to go for.

Get a package

Want less fuss and more fun? Get a package. You’ll have less worries on your plate and more time to enjoy yourself.

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