5 Tips for Making City Photography Look Fantastic

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Printing Services

If you love taking photos in urban areas with the beautiful lights, cool city architecture, and unique artwork found all around you, you probably already know that there are some challenges when it comes to city photography. Capturing those gorgeous city landscapes can be accomplished, and you can easily bring your photos to a show or decorate your home when you order photo prints online after using these tips:

1. Try to capture the motion of the city.

One of the things that makes cities so exciting is all the hustle and bustle. Try to take shots that showcase that movement, such as taking shots of blurry traffic or people walking that gives a sense of the urgency of city living.

2. Don’t forget to head inside.

Being outside leads to many fantastic opportunities for gorgeous pictures. But don’t forget that the cities have amazing scenery indoors as well. Take advantage of the gorgeous urban style of shops, public spaces, and more. Don’t forget to use the architectural style of the building to your advantage as you shoot. Long empty hallways beg for shots focused into the distance, for example.

3. Get familiar with night time photography.

One of the most beautiful things about the city is the way lights look at night. Your pictures will take on a whole new atmosphere when you get familiar with camera settings that work best for night time lighting. Head to the busiest areas of the city at night and showcase what the urban life is like after dark.

4. Go black and white.

Many urban photographers stick to color printing because cities are so colorful. But black and white can give a city scene a very dramatic look and highlight details that would get lost in all the color usually. Consider what story the scene is telling, and how removing some of the sensory detail can help highlight that story.

5. Consider ways to avoid unwanted items.

Many city photographers use editing to remove unwanted people or items from a scene. But consider how you can change your shooting habits to take photos that you want or consider re-imagining the photo with those unwanted items in the shot. It could be that you’ll find a new love for odd details that most people would edit out.

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