5 Tips for LED Garden Lighting

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Landscaping, Lighting

Your outdoor garden is a special place and you may want to spend time there in the evenings. It’s important to plan your lighting scheme and come up with the best possible illumination for the least amount of money. That’s why many people choose to go with LED garden lighting and here are four things you can do to improve your outdoor light.

1. Separate Your Landscape

If you have a large garden area, consider separating it into sections or areas. Once you do this, you can choose a focal point for each section. This helps you highlight your best features. Use a low-wattage spotlight or two for each focal point and this gives you something to build around.

2. Use Less with Flower Beds

Do you have flower beds or plants that you are proud of? You may want to illuminate this area but be careful with the lighting. For example, instead of using one or two LED garden lighting fixtures with 100-watt equivalency, it’s better to use several low-wattage fixtures. You’ll get a smoother lighting pattern that doesn’t create glare or harsh light.

3. Light from Overhead

The more light you have coming from above, the better. You’ll get better coverage from your lighting when it is high above you. Also, it’s important to use pathway lighting that shines downward on the ground. This highlights paths and is easy on the eyes.

4. Use Landscape Fixtures to Enhance Lighting

Do you have outdoor walls or solid fencing? If so, you can use these things to reflect light and give you better coverage. Hardscape features can also be used to enhance light.

5. Choose High-Quality LED Garden Lighting

When you buy fixtures, make sure they are made from corrosion resistant materials. This will save you a lot of money and headaches in the coming years.

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