5 Tips for Finding the Right Memory Care Provider

Do you have an aging loved one in Bergen County, NJ, who is struggling with memory loss? It’s an unfortunate part of the aging process – along with our balance, stamina, and strength, age often begins to rob us of the memories we have created over a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Memory care can help to prevent further memory loss, and can even reverse it in some instances. How do you find the right provider? Below, you’ll find five important tips.

1. They Offer a Day Care Program

When you think about dementia-related care, chances are good you picture assisted living, or long-term care facilities. Those can be beneficial, but if you are the full-time care provider for your aging loved one, an adult day care program can ensure that you have the time needed for work and personal obligations and that your loved one has the professional compassionate care throughout the day.

2. They Have Fully Trained Staff

It’s vital that the staff at any memory care center in Bergen County, NJ, be professionally trained. All staff should be trained in caring for seniors, but those who will interact the most should be trained in caring for those with memory loss and dementia, specifically.

3. They Provide Additional Health Services

Memory care services are the most important consideration here, but the chances are good that your loved one has additional health needs that must be met. For instance, do they need insulin injections during the day? Do they need help taking and tracking their medications? Some facilities can offer this additional help.

4. Nutrition Is Professionally Planned Out

Your loved one will be in the care of the day care facility for the majority of the day, which means they will need to eat two to three meals. It’s essential that they receive the right nutrition – make sure the facility you choose offers meals planned by a certified nutritionist.

5. They Can Accommodate Special Needs

Finally, the chances are good that your loved one has at least one or two unique needs. For instance, do they require a wheelchair or walker for mobility? Are they hearing impaired? Do they suffer from vision impairments? Make sure that the facility can accommodate those special needs.

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