5 Things You Should Always Tell Your Hair Stylist in Plano TX About Your Hair

A great professional haircut or color in Plano TX is an investment, so it makes sense to get the most out of your next visit with your stylist. If you want to walk out of the salon looking and feeling beautiful, it’s important to be honest with your stylist about your hair. Here are 5 things you should always tell your Hair Stylist in Plano TX before your next cut or color.

What Styles You Hate

If you can’t stand choppy layers or platinum locks, make sure your stylist knows. Many women let their stylists take full creative control without offering full disclosure about the styles and shades they can’t stand. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure your stylist is well-aware of off-limit looks before she picks up the scissors.

If You Use At-Home Hair Color

If you’ve colored your hair at home–even just once–make sure to let your hair stylist know before you get in-salon color done. Sometimes, the chemicals in over-the-counter dyes can make salon color work unpredictably. Be ready to tell your stylist when you last colored your hair and what brand and color you used.

Your Childhood Hair Color

If you’re looking a new hair color that suits your complexion perfectly, your childhood hue may fit the bill. If you’re having color done, bring in some old pictures so your stylist can see the shade your hair was when you were younger. She’ll be able to use that information to help you pick a flattering new color.

If Your Hair’s Been Chemically Treated

Have you had your hair chemically straightened, relaxed or curled? Have you had the color stripped from your hair to get super-light locks? Let your stylist know before you undergo any color treatments. Chemically treated hair is often more prone to damage or breakage, and there may be some color treatments you should stay away from.

Your Day-to-Day Lifestyle

Does your job require a certain hair style? Are you super-athletic? Do you only have 5 minutes to style your hair each morning? Let your Hair Stylist in Plano TX know all about your everyday lifestyle so she can find a cut and color that works well for you.

If you want the perfect cut and color, tell your stylist everything you can about your hair’s past and present. Need a new stylist? Then read more here about amazing stylists in the Plano TX area.

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