5 Things to Look for in Wedding Halls in Fort Wayne IN

On your wedding day, you want to make sure both you and your guests have a great time. Most importantly, you want those good times to happen without much work from you, especially during the reception. Here are five things you should really keep in mind while looking for excellent wedding halls in Fort Wayne IN in order to make sure your day is memorable.


Don’t forget those that have special dietary needs, or even those that have a picky palate. No couple wants to listen to complaints about the food. Pick a venue that offers a variety of dishes. Buffets are also a great choice, that way everyone can eat as little or as much as they please. If you find a perfect place that does not offer food, do they have a caterer they recommend?

Physical Space

Sometimes the place will look good in pictures, but it’s always important to view the venue in person. Call and arrange a tour. Some places do not require you to call ahead, which can be even better, so you know that you are really see what you get. Does it look like your guest list will all fit in the space comfortably or will they be squished?


Does the venue allow you to bring in a band or a DJ? Make sure to ask. No one wants to get stuck with house music that they do not like. The soundtrack to your wedding should be of your choosing.


Is there a full-service bar available? Can you bring your drinks? Also, make sure to see what drinks are available since it’s not going to be fun if some people cannot get their preferred beer.


How much time do you have to verify the number of guests? How open are they to last minute changes? If a relative demands her new fiance attends at the last minute, can you squeeze him in?

Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center is one of many wedding halls in Fort Wayne IN, but it provides you with the answers to all these questions. An extensive menu, a physical space that fits up to 500 guests, access for bands, a full-service bar, and flexibility are just a few of the features they provide.

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