5 Steps to Finding the Right Child Care Center

Time for school to start soon, still haven’t found the right child care center in Madison for your child? Here’s a simple checklist you can follow:

Consider the location

It’s always a good idea to choose one that’s nearby or close to where you live or work like The Learning Academy. That way, you can easily drive to and pick up your child from school.

Check their policy

Do this before you choose a child care center in Madison. Does the center share your parenting philosophies? Make sure they do, says Parents. If you and the center have different views on discipline, it would be best to simply look for other options in your area. Look for daycares ‘near me or around me’ online to get a good list of options that offer easy and convenient access.

Pay a visit

Don’t ever put your child in a daycare center that you haven’t thoroughly checked out yourself. Is the place clean? While having a ton of kids around is going to mean spills, disorder and general chaos, there shouldn’t be any signs of disrepair or neglect anywhere. If there are cobwebs or broken stairs or mirrors, those are red flags you shouldn’t ignore.

Ask about safety

This is a serious concern. You want to make sure your kids are safe and protected, and that includes asking about the safety measures and protocols in place at the center. Do they have guards or a security system to lock out possible intruders? Ask yourself if you feel comfortable leaving your child at the daycare.

Observe the staff

How well does the staff—from the teachers to everyone else at the preschool—treat the students? Observe those interactions. Do staff members speak eye to eye to the kids? Do they use positive discipline strategies or do they shame the kids? You’ll want to know before you put your child in their care.

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