5 Reasons Your FTL Truckload Shipping is Delayed

Faster lead times are always an advantage for your business. However, even when you go with a full truckload option, your shipment can still be delayed. Here are common reasons for why that happens:

Bad weather

It’s not unheard of for bad weather to get in the way of your shipping schedule. you’ll need to make room for bad weather problems, such as floods, winter storms, and other similar situations, by planning ahead when you are coordinating your movement.

Port congestion

Too many ships or too many containers at port that have yet to be unloaded and delivered can be a critic bottle neck for your operation. In those situations, the best recommendation it’s to use alternative ports when possible, and have access to yards from partners where you can temporarily store your freight.

Lost shipment

If you used an unreliable shipping service, your shipment could be lost or misplaced. That’s why it’s crucial to use the assistance of a credible logistics partner. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle and stress of trying to locate a lost shipment, look for a full truckload shipping service provider with a reputation for on-time and on-budget deliveries.


Another reason your shipment can be delayed may be due to theft. Preventing your shipments from being stolen should give you another reason to hire a reliable service. If you want your cargo protected and secure, don’t take chances with the shipping firm you pick. Choose one that keeps your cargo safe and sound – from pickup to delivery.


Another reason for the delay could possibly be damage to the vessel, container or truck. Repairs could take time, which will translate to longer lead times for you. You could minimize delays by trusting the right logistics partner that is known for keeping their fleet in tip-top shape so they’re always road-ready.

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