5 Reasons Veterinarian Home Visits Are Popular

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Veterinarian

If you have a dog, cat or other type of pet, chances are they dread visiting the veterinarian. Some may associate it with fun times, but most do not. Fortunately, alternatives currently exist. Veterinarian home visits offer an option. They are becoming increasingly popular in cities such as Chicago with just reason.

Why Home Visits Are Popular?

Home visits are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Many of these relate directly to the comfort of animals. Home visits, include, but are not restricted to, the following benefits

  • Comfort: They allow the animals to remain in their safe place
  • Stress Reduction: They reduce the stress of visiting a vet clinic where the anxiety of other animals is palpable
  • Anxiety and/or Car Sickness: Home visits remove the anxiety some pets have in vehicle transport
  • Trauma Prevention: Such options prevent any trauma that can arise from transporting an animal in a car – specifically if they are physically hurt or elderly
  • Disease Prevention: Staying at home helps to eradicate the potential for picking up any type of communicable infection available from other animals visiting the vet clinic

Veterinarian home visits are also popular in Chicago because they are convenient. Owners can arrange the time amenable to both themselves and the companion animal. It can prevent that last minute dash, rushing to ensure the pet arrives on time – an event that can further stress the pet.

Choosing Veterinarian Home Visits

In Chicago, you will find pets that like to visit the vets. For them, it is a social as well as a medical affair. Many other animals, however, dread the visit to the vets. Moreover, in some cases, harm can arise from transporting elderly or very sick or injured pets to a clinic. Fortunately, an alternative exists. Talk to your clinic or current vet about veterinarian home visits. It may prove to be the best alternative healthcare delivery system for your pet.

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