5 Reasons To Use Epoxy For Concrete Floors

There are many different options to consider for coating concrete floors in industrial and commercial buildings. When it comes to durability, options, and long life even in demanding applications, epoxy is the go-to option for smart property owners.

Safety Considerations

One of the advantages of epoxy coatings for commercial and industrial buildings, including manufacturing plants, processing, and warehousing facilities, is the possibility for texturizing the surface. This provides a non-skid surface which is essential for the operation of equipment as well as for safety for workers in wet areas or similar locations.

Resistance to Corrosive Materials and Spills

Epoxy is naturally resistant to corrosion and damage from chemicals and another type of liquid or solid spills. This is important in any type building as it means the flooring will last much longer, even in workplaces where chemicals or corrosive compounds are in use.

Options in Colors and Designs

The epoxy for concrete floors offered by the top manufacturers comes in a range of solid colors. Companies also provide a variety of chips, which can be added to flooring, developing both the strength and durability of the flooring as well as the overall aesthetics.

Extremely Low Maintenance

Once applied and cured, which typically can be completed over a weekend from start to finish, there is very limited maintenance with epoxy for concrete floors. Dry mopping or wet mopping as needed is all that will be required to keep the floors in top condition.

Durability in High Traffic Areas

Equipment, forklifts, hand dollies and even foot traffic can be very hard on any type of coating for concrete. Unlike paints or other types of coatings, epoxy for concrete floors is durable and strong, withstanding even heavy traffic without scuffing, peeling or lifting.

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