5 Pitfalls to Sidestep When You Hire a General Contractor


Remodels are costly. You’ll want to make sure you get the best value for your money. One way to do that is to hire a reputable general contractor in Orinda CA to handle the job. Here are mistakes you’ll want to avoid when you look for one, though:

Not using your network

Your contact list is a source of useful information. Put it to good use by getting recommendations from people you trust. You never know when friends and family along with work colleagues or simple acquaintances have needed to employ a contractor. They might give you useful leads and referrals that would be key in finding the contractor you need.

Skipping the face to face interview

Phone interviews are not enough. You get a better gauge on someone when you can see them face to face. Can’t do an in-person interview? Do it via video call. You’ll get a better sense of whether you and your contractor will be a good fit or not.

Compromising on quality

Don’t compromise on quality just to save on cost. While keeping costs low is a major factor, it’s not and shouldn’t be the only one on your list. You’ll want to strike a good balance between cost-savings and great quality.

Forgetting to add it to the contract

Don’t rely on verbal agreements. Before you and your general contractor in Orinda CA sign that contract, make sure to add all the instructions, provisions or additional clauses or terms you and your contractor have already agreed on.

Not doing any research

Don’t just hire one out of the first contractors you find. Do your research. Go online and look for feedback about the company. That or request for references and call up former clients, says This Old House. This will help you decide whether hiring the contractor is a wise decision or not.

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