5 Features of a Point of Care Cart

Point of care technology in the form of medical carts on wheels aims to help medical professionals provide even better care to patients. Point of care carts allow nurses and doctors to move vital technology to the bedside to streamline care.

Point of care carts on wheels allow you to monitor your patients and document their health at their bedside. With a medical utility cart, you empower care providers to be more time efficient, more accurate and spend more time at the patient’s bedside.

Because Point of care technology is a such a hot topic in medical research, it is important to keep abreast of the latest news so that you can be sure your Point of Care Carts have all the features you need. From the importance of immediate charting to ensuring a germ-free environment, research shows that using a mobile workstation improves patient care.

Battery Life

Mobile medical carts for point of care use should have a long battery life. You need to be confident that you can stay mobile when caring for your patients without worrying about battery failure. Ideally, your medical cart should feature lithium battery technology, which makes it possible to charge on the cart.

Hot-swap battery technology means you can switch to a fresh battery without shutting down the computer. This technological advance means that patient care need not be interrupted.


Medical carts on wheels are fully customizable to meet the needs of all types of users. Flexibility to use the point of care cart with a range of laptops or tablets is an important feature as are integrated sign-on and electronic lockout functions. It is also possible to add a variety of peripherals, such as baskets and cassette drawers.

Easy to Maneuver

With all medical utility carts, you need to balance maneuverability with usable space. A large work surface is necessary to give sufficient desktop area to chart or work. This should be balanced with a small footprint so you can bring the cart into tight spaces in patient’s rooms, and while on the move.

Space in patient areas is often at a premium, and, along with narrow corridors, it can be challenging to move a rolling medical cart. Lightweight aluminium carts have reduced in weight by 75% and are easy to manoeuvre. Whichever extra options you choose, even if you add medicine drawers or an IV pole, you will find the cart easy to push.

Ergonomically Designed

Don’t forget your own health while concentrating on your patients. Choose a medical laptop cart with an adjustable monitor and tabletop so you can work comfortably and ergonomically whatever the task.

The Easy-Lift table top on the mobile cart helps take the pressure off your back with its smooth lifting action reducing the need to stoop.

Infection Control Safe

Infection prevention is a vital part of healthcare, and medical cart manufacturers take that very seriously. Point of care carts are made of aluminium and powder coated stainless steel for a tough easy to clean finish. With minimal plastic or materials which degrade quickly, you can be sure that there are no places for bacteria to hide once you have cleaned the cart thoroughly.

Perfect for Patients and Professionals

Point of care medical carts are evolving with the needs of healthcare professionals to provide enhanced patient care in every way. The mobile workstation is light and ergonomically designed to look after both the caregiver and the patient. It is easy to clean to prevent infection and maneuverable enough to get right to the patient’s bedside. The point of care cart is fully customizable to streamline care and fit your patients’ needs.

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