5 Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Warm

While “Frozen” continues to be one of your kid’s favorite Disney films, seeing snow pile up in real life isn’t as heart-warming. The more the temperature drops, the higher your energy bills go. It’s a nightmare for a lot of homeowners. According to the Department of Energy, about 56 percent of the energy in use in a typical American household involves heating and cooling. That’s a whole lot of energy; no wonder your costs are so high.

However, before you lose hope of ever keeping your energy costs down, Bankrate shares a few money saving tips to help make that happen:

#1: Insulate Your Home
Insulation can keep the cold or heat longer inside your home. This you’re your heating units won’t have to work so hard, resulting to lower energy costs for you. Make sure you seal all your ductwork and this includes your plumbing, along with your cable TV ducts. This reduces the risk of leaky ducts, which can add to your cooling costs.

Check your doors as well. Wood tends to warp and that means your door doesn’t exactly fit into the frame anymore, which means leaks all aplenty. Plug those leaks by installing an insulated lid or an insulating agent around the frame to lock in the heat and moisture inside your home.

#2: Adjust your thermostat
Adjust the settings depending on the time or where you are. If you’re at work, change the thermostat to ten or 15 degrees cooler. Adjust it again when you go to sleep. You can save a ton from these alone.

#3: Upgrade your windows
Just like your attic door, your windows might not exactly be insulation-friendly. You could be losing money all because your window isn’t capable of keeping the heat or cold inside. Look into replacing your windows or putting in insulating agents around the windows. That’s one way to keep the temperature inside your home steady, which means less pressure on your heating units to perform.

#4: Cover Up Your Chimney
Your chimney is a massive air leak. However, you can put in glass fireplace doors in place to keep a tight lid on your chimneys. It’s certainly a more convenient move than putting in a chimney cap that you’d have to take off anyway when the colder season starts.

#5: Have your heating unit serviced
Call in professionals for maintenance to keep your heating systems in tip-top shape. The key to having an energy efficient heating system is regular care.

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