5 Amazing Water Jet Cutting Benefits in Auburn WA

The discovery of metal fabrication has been a lifesaver over the years since metal can take any form of shape. Water Jet Cutting in Auburn, WA has over the years risen to replace heat involving processes for the fabrication process. The process is less dangerous and minimal accidents happen hence being the best option for almost any industry. Interestingly, the system uses pressurized water to cut materials such as rubber. However, some garnet is added to the water when dealing with harder materials like metal or glass.

The efficiency that comes with water jet cutting is undeniably high. The process has numerous advantages which are why any metal fabricator should consider using the procedure.

Benefits of Water Jet Cutting


The accuracy level is quite high since there are fewer breakages which ensure the perfect shape is formed. There is no involvement of heat which is an advantage because excessive exposure could lead to destroying the desired shape of the metal.

Complex Shapes

Water Jet Cutting in Auburn, WA facilitates the formation of a broad range of shapes due to its ease of the process. Unique shapes are attainable through this process hence there are no limitations on the design.

Recycling Water

Recycling has become a part of everybody’s life. Water can be recycled in the process especially using the closed loop system. The system filters and treats the water for recycling purposes.

Widely used

The biggest advantage is that the water jet system can be used in nearly every industry. One thing about this is that the materials will be readily available. With such a system, there are fewer worries on breakages since it is a system that has been in use over the years.

Less Exposure

When using the system, the person in charge of the operation has less exposure to hazardous materials like fumes. Machine operators then are at less risk of any health related issues due to operating the system.

With the above advantages, it goes without saying that this is a system that is worth investing. All material fabrication problems are solved here amicably which is a workable long term goal. Specialty Metals deal with water jets, and one can Browse website for more details.

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