4 Things to Help You Shop for the Right Tent

So you’re going on a camping trip. Best to make sure you have everything on your checklist. Men’s Fitness says one of the most essential things you should pack is your tent. But not everyone knows how to pick a good one. No worries. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t go home with a bad one:

Consider sleeping capacity

How many are there? How big is your group? Will you stay in one tent or in several small ones? If you’re going to share the tent, best to make sure it’s big and roomy enough for all of you.

Three-Season tents

These are tents that work well for spring, summer and fall. They’re lightweight and can come with mesh panels to ensure better air floor, keeping you cool at night. These are the best tents for camping if you plan on a spring or fall trip to the mountains.

Four-Season tents

These tents are designed for harsh weather conditions. If you expect heavy snow, downpours or violent winds, this is the best option for you and your group. With heavier fabrics and a great deal more poles, these mountaineering tents provide you with the comfort, protection and security you need in case you have to face extremely inhospitable weather.


You want to make sure you also factor in key features of a tent. How high is it? If you have tall people in your group, better aim for tents with airy ceilings. Do you want better airflow? Go with tents designed mesh panels. You’ll also want to take a look at the tent floor length. Have tall pals coming along? Best to go with 90 inches instead of the standard.

Hopefully, these tips gave you a good insight into what the best tents for camping should be, depending on whichever season you plan to go. So good luck finding the right one!

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