4 Ways to Find a Reliable Roofer

Your home’s roof is one of its most important parts, but if you’re like most homeowners, you won’t think about it until there’s a problem. If you’re finding that you need help with repairs or roof replacement, use this checklist to hire a qualified roofer near Bolingbrook.

Filtering and Searching

Like other professional services, it’s never a good idea to hire the first contractor you find online or in the phone book. However, taking too long to make a decision can be equally problematic. When beginning the search for a roofer, look for good online feedback and customer testimonials to narrow the list.

A Local Address

The next thing to do is to review your short list and ensure that all the companies you’re considering are nearby. While out-of-state and national companies may do a great job, you’re taking more of a risk. A roofer Bolingbrook is invested in the local community, and as such, they’re more likely to provide top-quality service.


Another way to find a good contractor is to look for industry training, certifications, and other forms of validation. This may include memberships in roofing associations, certifications from material manufacturers, and good BBB ratings. You can also refer to the state’s licensing agency to find out whether a contractor has the right licenses and insurance coverage, as well as their complaint history.

Customer Service

The easiest way to assess a contractor’s level of customer service is to ask past customers. Read the company’s online reviews and ask for references. Contact those references to learn whether the job was done on time, how well it has held up, and how it looks.

Call Today

Deciding to replace your home’s roof is never an easy decision but choosing a roofer near Bolingbrook can be. Visit our website or call Showalter Roofing Services to request an estimate.

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