4 Tips for Preventing a Termite Infestation This Upcoming Spring

Spring is on the way, and people are not the only ones that are venturing away from home. Many pests appear in the spring with termites being among them. While you want to call in a pest control company quickly if you have any signs of termites in your home, there are a few things you can do to help by following the following termite prevention tips below before the spring flowers begin to bloom.

Eliminate Standing Water

If the termites have nothing to drink, then they are more apt to move to the next home. This means that you need to keep your gutters clean of leaves and other gunk that builds up during the long winter months. Make sure to ventilate your attics so that humidity doesn’t build up, as well as any crawl spaces in your home. Many homeowners forget this step in the prevention process because it’s something they don’t see every day.

Store Wood Away from the Home and Out Buildings

Of course, it’s easier to keep wood close to the home for easy access, but in reality, it attracts termites and before long you will have a full-fledged infestation on your hands. Instead, if possible, you should keep any wood, at least, 20-feet from your home and outbuildings and keep the wood off the ground as well. One way to do this is by building a platform to store wood on, however, keeping it 20-feet from the house is still essential in the prevention of termites.

Keep Your Trees and Bushes Neatly Trimmed

Not only termites but other insects as well, use trees and bushes to get into your home. If you keep your trees and bushes neatly trimmed, then you will be destroying the pathways that they need to enter and infest the property.

Hire the Professionals

One of the best ways to prevent any type of insect from invading your home is to hire a professional pest control company to inspect regularly your home for the little critters. A professional can inspect your home and find the signs of termites before they ever have a chance to start destroying the property.

These are just a few tips for preventing termites from taking over your property this upcoming spring. From eliminating standing water to calling in the professionals to inspect the property, following these tips will go long ways towards helping you this spring.

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