4 Things to Know If You Love Lobsters

People love lobster. If you’ve got a yen to go to Quincy Market for some lobster, you’re not alone. Here’s why you and a lot of other people find this an irresistible culinary treat.

Delicious taste

That’s probably number one on the list of why people can’t stop feasting on lobsters, especially Maine lobsters. These tasty crustaceans have a reputation for being scrumptiously good, not to mention that it’s also an excellent source of protein, says the Medical News Today. If you haven’t tried one yet, there’s no better time than now to head on over to Quincy Market for some lobster.

Different versions

A lot of people love eating whole lobsters where they have to crack open the shell to get to the meat inside. But that’s not the only way you can enjoy lobster. Go for some New England chowder. Some restaurants serve theirs up with a whole lobster, complete with the claw. Some serve it up in a salad while others put it in a sandwich or roll. With so many ways to eat lobster, you won’t get tired of noshing on this delicacy any time soon.

Reputable sources

If you’re a bit of a distance away from the market, though, but still have a strong hankering for fresh lobster, no worries. You can always go online and look up reputable sources. Have the lobster you want to be delivered straight to your door. You can order enough for a few meals or if you’re planning a feast for family and friends.

Check the type

Be sure you’re putting in an order for the right one. Maine lobsters are different from rock or spiny lobsters. Maine lobsters have claws and a sweeter taste while rock lobsters don’t have large edible claws. They also taste brinier, and their marketable meat is in the tail. If you’re buying lobster tails, then you’re buying rock lobsters.

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