4 Signs Your Home Needs a Visit From Residential Electricians in North Haven, CT

There are lots of projects around the house that are perfect for a DIY homeowner. But, between evolving building codes and safety concerns, there are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t mess with your home’s wiring and electrical components. Consider these five signs that your home needs to be seen by residential electricians in North Haven, CT.

1. There Are Sparks When You Flip a Switch

This could be a warning sign that something is wrong within your wall. If the spark is large or accompanied by a popping or snapping sound or smoke, you may have a loose wire or a faulty switch.

2. An Outlet Doesn’t Work

An outlet that suddenly doesn’t have power is a potential sign of trouble. First, check the circuit breaker panel to make sure there is power going to the outlet. If that is fine, call an electrician to diagnose the situation.

3. There Are Standard Outlets Near the Sinks

Outlets near sources of water should be equipped with a safety device to shut them off if they get wet. These are called ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets, and they save hundreds of lives a year, so make sure you have the correct outlets in kitchens and bathrooms.

4. The Lights Dim and Brighten

If you notice the lights in your home periodically brighten and dim, you should call an electrician right away. This is a sign of a potentially serious problem like an overloaded circuit or corroded neutral wire in your circuit panel.

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