4 Signs of a Failing Transmission

You may know that something is up with your car – but are you in need of transmission repair? Read on to see the signs of transmission in need of attention.

Leaking Fluids

A leak can cause major issues with your transmission. Not having adequate levels of transmission fluid can mean a transmission that isn’t functioning properly – and leaks can cause interference with other systems in your vehicle.

Strange Smells

You aren’t likely to smell your transmission fluid unless you’re checking or changing it, but if you do, it will smell somewhat sweet or tart. Smelling something more akin to burning or smoke? It’s time to change that fluid or have your transmission repaired or replaced. These odors can be a major indicator of a problem that can escalate very quickly, so don’t let it go if you detect an issue.

Peculiar Sounds

If you’ve been driving your car for a while, you know what kind of sounds your vehicle usually makes. When you begin hearing strange or unusual noises, it may be a sign that your transmission is malfunctioning. These noises may be subtler in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, so be sure to listen carefully when shifting gears if you suspect a problem.

Writing on the Wall (Or Dipstick, Rather)

Checking your transmission fluid regularly will both help you maintain your transmission’s proper function and indicate any issues before they become serious. Fluid levels that are too low will not allow your transmission to function adequately, so checking the level and topping off your fluid as needed is important. If you see low levels routinely, you may have a leak that requires repair.

Looking for Lewisville, TX transmission repair services? Consult your nearest garage or automotive services provider. They can provide you with the maintenance you need – or tell you where to get it.

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