4 Reasons Your Site is Due for a Redesign

Excellent website design goes beyond mere visual appeal. If you have a poorly designed website, it is most likely why your site is losing traffic. Read on to discover why your pages need a redesign.

It’s not user-friendly

Statistically, 88 percent of online customers will not return to a site after a bad experience, The Startup says. If your pages are not user-friendly, they are costing you a lot of potential business. Hire experts for graphic design in Oklahoma to fix the problem.

It’s dated

Putting up a website is not enough. You need to keep your site fresh and up-to-date over the years. You update your wardrobe and dress to impress. The same ideas apply to a website. If it still looks the same as it did ten years ago, a redesign is long overdue. Reach out to experienced and trusted specialists for graphic design in Oklahoma and ask about what they can do to improve your site.

It’s not optimized for mobile

These days, more and more people are using their phones to go online. They use their mobile devices to shop, browse, bank and more. If your pages aren’t optimized for mobile users, you are effectively locking potential customers out of your shop. You can easily rectify this mistake by hiring the services of a competent graphic design contractor as soon as possible.

It’s not consistent with your brand

Your site is a marketing tool. If it does not reflect your brand’s character and personality, and if it isn’t consistent with the tone or vibe of your company, it will not send the right message to prospective customers. Inconsistent branding will make customers jump ship before they even have a chance to check out your products or services. With the help and guidance of a graphic design artist, you can determine what your site’s weak areas are and get the help you need.

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