4 Reasons to See a Dental Implant’s Specialist

Missing teeth affect your self-confidence and oral health. If you’re tired of people staring, don’t want to feel self-conscious whenever you speak, or want to eat with ease, it’s time to visit a dentist. Start looking for a dental implants specialist in Reston. Here are other equally compelling reasons to make that appointment.

Severely Chipped Tooth

You tripped, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a chipped tooth. Talk to a dental specialist about your treatment options. Expect a discussion about tooth restoration. If the damage is severe, getting an implant is an excellent option. Talk to your dentist to find out how an implant will help you.

Ill-Fitting Dentures

Dentures are designed to fix the alignment of your teeth. However, they can fit poorly. If that happens, you’ll have a harder time eating, suffer from a lot of discomfort, and you can even experience speech problems. Finding the right dental specialist will keep all those nasty scenarios at bay. Instead of dentures, talk to a skilled implant expert instead. An implant is much more comfortable because it feels like your real teeth.

Bone Loss in Jaw Area

Jaw deterioration takes a negative toll on your confidence and self-esteem. Implants help promote osseointegration, though, which involves the stimulation of jawbone growth by implant roots. If you want to reduce chances of bone loss in the future, talk to a specialist about getting dental implants.

Eating Problems

Missing-teeth problems lead to uneven stress on your remaining teeth since you can no longer distribute the biting force when you chew. Over time, your teeth even become more sensitive to hot and cold food or drinks. That leads to uneven smiles, an unbalanced face shape, and tooth problems. Make an appointment with a dental implants specialist in Reston to fix it. Contact Cascades Center for Dental Health today.

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