4 Reasons to Go for Waterless Urinals

The amount of water wasted on an annual basis is worrying. With as much as 1 trillion gallons of water going down the drain, says The Washington Post, there’s an urgent need to improve water conservation measures and efforts. One possible way to achieve this is through the use of waterless urinals. Here’s why:

It’s cost-efficient.

The number one reason why installing non-water urinals in commercial spaces works is because it’s cost-efficient. Waterless urinals don’t consume as much energy. That means lower energy consumption bills. And because there are less touch points to consider, maintaining these urinals are a much easier—and require less resources—than maintaining flushed urinals. That means you get to save on costs on two fronts.

It’s friendly to the environment.

Waterless urinals don’t require as much tubes and fixtures so that means there’s less harm to the environment. There’s less carbon footprint to worry about, essentially. And because there’s no water to flush, water usage and consumption is reduced. So you get to conserve water resources in a major way.

It’s better in the long run

If you want long-term savings, these urinals are a solid investment. Upfront costs might set you back a bit more. But when you factor in the long-term savings you’re going to get out of the arrangement, they more than make up for the initial expense of having these urinals installed.
It’s convenient.

Not sure how it works or how to install a few in your property? All you need to do is find a reliable provider of waterless urinals. When that’s done, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

So stop throwing water—and money—down the drain. By using non-water urinals, you can take advantage of long-term cost-savings without adding more stress and burden to the environment.

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