4 Reasons To Choose Minneapolis Granite Countertops

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Home Improvement

One of the most helpful ways to consider any new type of renovation choice for your home or even to decide on a material for a new construction, is to start by making a list of all the positives for the material.

For a Minneapolis homeowner interested in using a natural stone option in a kitchen or a bathroom, granite makes a very good choice. Listing all the positive features that make granite countertops the right option can help you to feel confident in your selection.

Making Your List

To start, brainstorm all the reasons you are interested in granite countertops and why they appeal to you. Your list will most likely include the following:

 * Durability – granite is a naturally very strong stone. While it is not indestructible, it would typically require a concentrated blow or some type of intentional or accidental drop of a very heavy item. As this is not a common issue in kitchens or bathrooms, it is rarely a factor of concern.

 * Colors – the colors in granite are more intense than that of most types of marble. Additionally, while marble tends to be variations on whites, blacks, grays and browns, granite offers golds, reds, blues and a much wider variety of bold and subtle veining and patterning within the stone.

 * Completely exclusive – since granite is cut off a block into sheets used to make a countertop, every “slice” or sheet is different. This is because the veining and patterns vary through the rock as it developed over time. For a completely unique counter that can never be duplicated, this is a perfect choice.

 * Sealing offers protection – by sealing the stone, which is naturally porous, Minneapolis homeowners can be assured that germs and bacteria are not present on their counter. The sealant provides that protective layer, but it will need to be re-sealed on a regular basis.

 * Incredible richness – the natural look of granite is very rich and classic. It does add to the look of the kitchen or bathroom and it easily matches with other natural stone used on the floor or on the shower stall area in the bathroom.

As a practical aspect of the selection, adding granite countertops not only adds to the look of the kitchen or bathroom but it adds to the value of the home. It is a great way to upgrade and will make a big impact on the final look of the renovation project.

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