4 Must-See Neighborhoods for Rental Apartments in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a hub of activity both day and night. Because it’s possible to live, work and play all within the borough’s boundaries, rental apartments in Brooklyn don’t stay on the market for long. The borough is broken up into more than 30 neighborhoods and since the area was initially settled by immigrants from across the globe, each section has a distinct atmosphere and different cultural influences. When you have time to plan your move, be sure to include these four hot neighborhoods on your list of places to check out.

1. Park Slope

Park Slope may well be the most sought-after neighborhood in all of the borough. Homes are well-maintained, crime is low and schools perform well. For those reasons, the area attracts a lot of families. Because public transportation was so well-planned in the area, it’s easy to commute to work as well. There are plenty of upscale boutiques and restaurants, plus trendy social outlets. It’s commonly touted as a yuppie area or home to many young professionals.

2. Gowanus

Gowanus once had a poor reputation due to pollution and neglect, but the area has been cleaned up. It’s still an industrial zone, which means the buildings don’t have the charm of the brownstones in Park Slope, but it is much more affordable. It tends to be a gathering for artsy folks and those with minimalist attitudes. It’s also expected to have a period of high-growth as development of the area continues.

3. Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill is a beautiful, historic neighborhood. Residents there are similar to those in Park Slope and the overall vibe is similar. One of the best features of homes there are the lawns. Though land is still at a premium, many dwellings have at least enough space for a small garden in the front or back.

4.  Bushwick

Bushwick has been getting a lot of attention these days. It has an industrial feeling similar to Gowanus, though it’s a bit more developed. The area hosts some of the more affordably-priced rental apartments in Brooklyn, yet also has numerous restaurants and bars. Additionally, public transit is easy to access, so it’s ideal for those who need to commute to work.

There are numerous up-and-coming neighborhoods within Brooklyn and this is but a small sampling. When preparing for a move, it’s well worth your time to consider what your ideal neighborhood feels like ahead of time. Then, explore which areas suit your personal style and needs. Each section of the borough attracts a different type of person, has unique social options, transit considerations and building styles. Whatever atmosphere you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in one of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods.

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