4 Handy Tips to Get Your Heating System Back Up and Running

Repairing your heating system can be as simple as flipping a switch. Check out the following handy tips to help you get your heating system back up and running.

Change your furnace filter

Clogged filters can compromise your furnace. Replace old ones to make sure your blower motors and heat exchangers don’t suffer any damage, the Family Handyman suggests. If a replacement doesn’t correct the problem, then start looking for a trusted heating repair service in Orange County. With pros to handle the problem, you’ll get that faulty filter—and more—fixed in no time.

Install a new igniter

Use care and caution when you slide the new igniter into position. Do your best to avoid any contact between your skin and any hard surfaces. Better yet, wear gloves. Then secure the part in place by using a screw. Snap connectors will work fine as well. Again, if this doesn’t seem to have any positive effect on your heating system, then you’d best get help from a professional heating repair service in Orange County.

Check the switches

This may sound like a given, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to check if their furnace is on or not. Sometimes, all it takes is to flip up the switch to get the furnace going. If you’ve already checked and confirmed that the switch isn’t the problem, then go ahead and call experts for help.

Clear the chimney exhaust flue

Turn the furnace off and dismantle the duct before you check for any possible debris. Be sure to follow the same order when you put everything back together. If you’re worried about making a mistake, no worries. Hire pros to do this so you won’t need to. Mistakes do more harm than good so getting help from expert heating technicians is a smart and practical move.

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