4 Car Fluids Critical to Engine Performance

Car fluids help your vehicle run without any problems and glitches. And while you may want to go to seasoned mechanics for auto repair in Euless, TX, it’s easy enough to check on these fluids and keep an eye on them by yourself. Monitor them so you’ll know if it’s time to top them up or if you need to have them changed.

Hydraulic fluid

This substance is hydroscopic. Meaning, it attracts as well as absorbs water. You’ll need to have this changed regularly. Otherwise, water in the fluid can lead to corrosion in your engine system, Car’s Guide warns.


This is another fluid that’s critical to the performance and longer service life of your car. The coolant will inevitably degrade over time. That makes it less capable of preventing engine corrosion. This also affects the cooling efficiency of your engine. That’s because the coolant—made of ethylene or propylene mixed with water—helps absorb the heat you’re your engine, passing it through the radiator. Taking too long between coolant changes could lead to rust and overheating problems.


Everyone knows how important oil changes are to a car. The oil provides lubrication for the metals in your engine. If you run low on the oil or if the oil is too contaminated with dirt, debris, and other impurities, that’s going to cause greater friction between the parts in your engine. You’ll end up with faulty parts and worn-out, eroded components if you don’t get your oil changed on time.

Brake fluid

Unlike other fluids in your car, this one doesn’t get dirty. It doesn’t evaporate as well. It can potentially absorb moisture from the atmosphere, though, which could lead to air pockets in your brake lines. Have the fluid changed. If problems develop, though, get your car to a service shop for auto repair in Euless, TX right away.

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