3 Ways Going for Direct Vent Fireplaces is a Solid Buying Decision

With the benefits one gets from gas fireplaces, it’s no wonder more and more people are switching to gas and leaving their traditional fireplaces beyond. If you’re thinking of making the same move, then you’ll probably need to decide on what kind of venting to get. Here’s why investing in a direct vent natural gas fireplace is the way to go.

Reduce or eliminate heat loss

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are bad at keeping the heat secured. You can lose as much as 85 percent of heat when the fire goes through the chimney. That’s a colossal amount of waste. A direct vent natural gas fireplace can easily do away with all that, though, says Bob Vila. So if you want a much more energy-efficient system, then this is a good, solid option to consider.

Improve air quality

Another important reason why wood-burning fireplaces have to go is that burning wood results in high concentrations of carbon monoxide, which is harmful to humans. By using fireplaces with a direct vent, carbon monoxide isn’t released into the atmosphere. That means better air quality for you and everyone in your home. That also means you’re doing your part to keep from adding even more air pollution to an already burdened eco-system.

Zero remodeling costs

If you’ve just moved to a new home and it doesn’t have a chimney, no need to worry about remodeling costs. By buying a gas fireplace, you can enjoy better heat levels all without having to spend on a new chimney.

A tip: These heating units require the use of a sealed glass door, though. That’s crucial in keeping the proper combustion so you’ll need to calculate the costs and determine if you have the room and budget for this. To make sure everything goes off, hitch-free, call in a professional to handle the installation for you.

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