3 Uses For Double Sided Foam Tape

Usually, the regular tape can get the job done, but that’s not always the case. If you have some heavy mounting to do, then you’ll find that double sided foam tape can serve you well. This type of tape can be used for a variety of purposes in many different settings, and makes it easy to mount things to walls and other surfaces. Sometimes you don’t have the hardware, or you simply don’t want to bother pounding nails and screws into walls. Here are three instances where you’ll find this type of tape particularly useful.

Plaques and Pictures
One of the most common uses you’ll find for double sided foam tape is when you need to hang plaques or pictures. In a corporate setting, the regular tape isn’t going to cut it to adhere the sign of your boss’s name to their door. Putting up a framed picture on a hard wall isn’t going to be accomplished with nails. Mounting an award to the wall is much more secure with ample amount of double sided foam tape on each side. Using this type of tape means security, but also makes it easy to affix all kinds of items to walls.

No matter where you work, there’s always signage that needs to be installed. Whether it’s directions to a large professional facility or simply a sign indicating which door leads to the restroom, it’s much easier to use this type of tape to put signage up than nails or screws. Not only that but as signage changes and is updated, taking it off and replacing it with new signs is easy. Removing screws or nails not only leaves outright holes in the wall but can also be more trouble than it’s worth.

Frames Without Hardware
While hanging art work usually involves levels, nails, and a hammer, this isn’t always possible. Many times, if you’re trying to install art work in an old building, it’s impossible to get nails into concrete or metal surfaces. This is where the tape comes in. It’s easy to put two strips of foam tape on the back of a frame and then simply stick it to the wall where it needs to go. The piece is then installed securely and firmly.

The use of double sided foam tape can be seen throughout a variety of industries. Whether you work in a museum putting up text panels, you’re at home hanging a picture on a concrete wall that won’t take nails, or in an office affixing signage to a door, this type of tape can be very useful in all settings.

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