3 Types of Corporate Publications You Should Have In Your Communication Arsenal

Corporate publications will never go out of “style” no matter what the internet has to offer. There is just something profound about holding literature in your hands that the internet just cannot replace. Actually you should have all your bases covered so using the web for all its worth and having tangible publications on hand as well is a must. There are 3 types of publications that you should have for your business:

1. Information
2. Sales
3. Book to establish authority


Telling the world about your corporate culture is important. Publications can answer the pressing questions about your business that can save time and pique interest in your business from both an investor stand point and a consumer standpoint. Heritage information, company goals, management style, leadership and other pertinent information should be offered in a publication. This type of publication can provide the background information about your company that can enhance your brand authenticity. It is a valuable tool as part of a prospectus. Every business of every size should have at the very least an information sheet, brochure or pamphlet that can be used as a reference tool to quickly get answers about the business.


What does your business sell? Why do you sell it? Sales information is not necessarily a product catalog but more of a background publication that helps consumers and investors to understand more about your company culture but focuses on selling instead of information. This can also be a valuable tool used to enhance interest in your business and the products or services that you sell. This publication can include information about why your product or services are unique and preferential.


This type of publication can be a small book but it is used to establish what it is about your company that makes it an expert in your products or services. Establishing authority is a very important part of building trust with the consumer and other businesses. The right support can provide you with a book that contains historical information about your business and the details about your business that makes it an expert in the industry.

The History Factory has over 30 years of experience in putting together publications for corporate use. If your arsenal is a little on the light side you may want to consider getting some help in shoring up your publication communications.

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