3 Tips to Help You Find Good Off-Campus Housing for Your Next Semester

When you’re looking for apartments near the UAB campus, you’ll be looking for more than a place to stay. Your new apartment should feel like a welcoming home, providing you with a comfortable living space and a strong sense of community. In looking at off-campus apartments, there are a few factors to consider that will affect your quality of life throughout the semester.

Make a Careful Inspection of the Vacant Apartment

You will want to make sure the apartment you rent is already in good condition. A responsible property management company will take the time to update each apartment before offering it to a new tenant. Watch for cracked windows, broken lighting fixtures, and missing outlet plates. You should also verify that the fire extinguisher is up to date, the smoke alarm is in good working order, and the locks are functional.

Visit the Grounds at Night

Making a short tour of the apartment community in the evening will tell you more about how the property is maintained. Look for exterior lighting that is broken or inoperable. You should also look to see if families spend time outdoors. This will let you know if the grounds are generally safe.

Ask About the Amenities

The better apartments near the UAB campus will feature a list of attractive amenities that encourage a sense of community. This includes free access to a fitness center, business center, and swimming pool. If there are amenities of particular interest to you, look for a community that offers those resources.

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