3 Tips to Get Customers In the Door with Signage

Signage is absolutely essential when it comes to getting customers in the door in a brick and mortar retail setting. This starts with outdoor signs, and may include other such types of signage as banner printing or vehicle graphics. In order to use signage as effectively as possible, it should be viewed as a step by step process. Here are three tips to entice customers with signage.

1. Entice Foot Traffic with a Reward

When you’re dealing with online marketing, the term for a statement that entices shoppers to click is termed a CTA (Call to Action). The same approach can be used in business signs. Consider the wording on your signage as carefully as its design for maximum impact. Give passersby a reason to walk in the door.

2. Outdoor Signage Must Be Durable

Shopify states that outdoor signs are is potentially the most important first contact with customers, since it gets them in the door. To ensure that your signage remains intact, White Dot Signs uses highly durable materials that weather well as rule of thumb with. White Dot Services notes that Gaithersberg MD is known for its harsh winters, so make sure that your outdoor signage can stand the salt and snow.

3. Put Design into Your Sign

Regardless of whether you have catchy wording, a punchy offer, and durable signs, you need to make it look nice, too. Working with a graphic designer to come up with even the simplest sign is absolutely essential. If you have a branding plan, make sure your signage also sticks closely to it.

Signage is an essential part of marketing, and is what gets people in the door and closer to your products. By implementing these three simple tips, you’ll not only entice potential customers to make purchases, but also stand out from competitors. While outdoor signage is common, paying attention to the details is what will put you ahead of the curve.

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