3 Tips for Preparing For a Landscape Renovation

This is the year you are finally going to do something about the grounds around your home. While you will be relying heavily on one of the local landscaping companies 60558 to help with the design and creation of the new landscape, there are a few things you should do early in the process. Take care of these three issues and coming up with a plan for the landscaping will be a lot easier.

Testing the Soil

What type of nutrients is in the soil right now? This is important since certain types of plant life will require nutrients that may or may not be present. Arrange for a soil test and find out what sort of plants will grow in your yard. This information will come in handy a little later.

Deciding What Stays

What’s in the yard that you like? It could be trees, shrubs, or even elements like brick pathways. Anything that you enjoy should stay. Even if the plan is to move it elsewhere in the yard, make sure the professional from one of the landscaping companies 60558 knows what you want to keep and what you want to banish from the grounds forever.

Determining What Elements Are Added

Once you’ve determined what you want to keep, it’s time to think about elements that you would like to add. Any type of flowers, shrubs, or even a certain type of grass or ivy to use for ground cover should be on your want list. At this juncture, the results of the soil test will be helpful. The professional from one of the landscaping companies 60558 can aid in choosing new elements that will thrive in the soil.

Are you ready to get started? Call a landscaping professional today and arrange for a visit to your property. Walk with the professional and provide some ideas of what you want to do with the landscape. The information that the two of you discuss will help the landscaper develop a layout and a timeline for the project. Once you approve the details, the transformation will begin. Contact King’s Landscaping Co. to get more information!

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