3 Things to Expect in a DWI Program

If you are cited for driving while under the influence, you may be asked to enter a program in order to restore your driver’s license. When you are a first time offender, the punishments are usually lighter. As soon as you become a repeat offender, however, the punishments are harsher. If you are ordered, Dwi Programs Minneapolis are available to help you fulfill your obligations.

Here are three things to expect in a DWI Program.

Alcohol Education

When you receive a DWI citation, an assumption is made about you. You are guilty of not understanding the effects of alcohol and how it impacts you while you are attempting to drive. Therefore, you are ordered to attend a program where you will receive an alcohol education class. Getting behind the wheel when you are under the influence not only puts you at risk; it also puts those around you at risk. You will be reminded about the possible consequences of your choices.


In a DWI program, you will be asked to assess yourself. During the assessment, you will be asked to look inward to figure out why you made this choice. It is true that everyone makes a mistake, eventually. For others, though, the choice could stem from something deeper. If there is something lurking underneath the surface that could cause you to repeat your choice to drive under the influence, the goal is to unearth it.

Victim Impact Panel

Some people need to face the way the can negatively impact others, so in a DWI program, you will be asked to participate in a victim impact panel. Sometimes, scaring individuals out of making questionable choices is helpful.

Being cited for driving while under the influence may lead to an order to attend a Dwi Programs Minneapolis like River Ridge.

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