3 Sports Injuries a Chiropractor can Treat

Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, your goal is to remain injury-free. Things happen, though. A sports injury does not always occur during competition. It can occur the day after due to a pinched nerve or whiplash. Sports injuries can be treated in more than one manner. Chiropractors in Chicago, for example, offer a holistic approach.

Here are three sports injuries a chiropractor can treat.

Ailing Discs

If your back hurts, the discomfort prevents you from completing simple tasks like walking, standing, and sitting. For an athlete, an ailing back can prevent him from participating in physical competitions at any level. The intervertebral discs situated in your spine absorb the shock caused by daily activities. Sports injuries can easily cause the discs to become inflamed. Surgery has been a preferred treatment for herniated discs. Chiropractors, however, offer a non-invasive alternative that will not leave behind any scar tissue.

Neck Injuries

In any physical competition, neck injuries can result. If you sleep in an awkward position or expose your neck to the cold elements, neck discomfort could result as well. Ideally, every component of your body will never ache and will operate optimally all the time. When you feel discomfort around your neck area, a chiropractor can help. This professional uses manipulation to ease inflammation in the area. The goal is to restore range of motion and prevent damage to the discs.

Pinched Nerves

One of the most common pinched nerves among athletes is sciatica. Since it is the longest nerve in your body, when it is ailing, it will be felt on one side of your body from your back and down your leg. A chiropractor can alleviate the discomfort.

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