3 Signs That Your Fireplace Needs Repairs


Your fireplace is not only a heating source; it’s the center of your home. It’s the place where you gather at the end of the day to relax and spend time with family and friends, so when it doesn’t work, you feel its absence. Why go longer without it than you have to? By looking for the following signs of trouble, you can hire fireplace repairs in West Michigan to nip the problem in the bud and keep your hearth roaring.

Smoky Room

When your fireplace starts filling the room with smoke, you know you have one of the several issues. First, check to see if your damper is closed. It needs to remain open when you have a fire lit. If you know it’s open; it could be a matter of negative air pressure. If your house is sealed up too tight against winter weather, your chimney might not have enough air to draft correctly. Just crack a window in the same room, and your fireplace should exhaust properly. Lastly, you may have a blockage in the chimney. The fix might be as simple as hiring a chimney sweep or as difficult as hiring a repairman to look for fallen flue tiles.

Cracked Firebox

If you notice cracks in your firebox, don’t light a fire. The base of your fireplace can become cracked over time which is common but not safe. Cracks let heat travel to other parts of your home and may start a house fire. Always call for fireplace repairs in West Michigan if you see the trouble of this kind.

Residue Buildup

If you use a wood-burning hearth, the combustion process will lead to gases, tar, and smoke as well as other derivatives that travel through and out of the chimney. However, they can also build up in the firebox. If you find creosote residue in the box of your fireplace, beware. It’s highly flammable. You’ll need to call a repairman to help you out.

Over time, your fireplace may have problems that interfere with your family’s enjoyment. Simply call for fireplace repairs in West Michigan to start using your hearth safely again. Visit the website  for more information.

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